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March 22, 2011
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There was once a girl with a broken heart. She nursed it but only a little. Her eyes always shone with tears. Her hands shook because of the weight she held in her tiny hands. She went to her mother. "Mother, my heart is broken. Will you fix it?"

Her mother looked down her nose at the little girl and said, "No. Not until you learn how to behave."

She looked down at her toes and a tear fell from her shining eyes. Still holding her heart in her hands, she looked at her father. "Father, my heart is broken. Will you fix it?"

Her father looked away from his newspaper for a moment, "It gets on my nerves when you cry. Go away."

The girl sadly clutched her heart to her chest and went to her brother. "Brother, my heart is broken. Will you fix it?"

Her brother looked at her sourly, "Leave me alone."

As she left home, she saw a river. She looked down at her heart and then, without a second's hesitation, she threw it as far away as she could into the stream.

A stranger saw this and came to her. "What was that?"

Her soul less eyes looked at him. "Nothing that mattered."
Self explanatory.
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Scr1b3 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thefreakinthecorner Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Why does all you're poems make me cry?
Other5317 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011
Many have discarded theirs.

A few are lucky enough to find one another further downstream.
celestial-elevator Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
So sad, but true enough about what happens when no one bothers to care for you, especially those why are supposed to love you. Great work.
BelchimaeraStarsong Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011   General Artist
This reminds me of something I did when I was a little girl...
I made a box, you see, a 'broken-heart box'...
I put in it pictures I'd drawn of all the things that had hurt me in the past.
And then I cut out a paper heart, and coloured it black, and crumpled it, and ripped it.
I brought the box to the woman who had raised me... I showed her all of it, lastly the heart.
And I said "This is my heart, but I think, together we can make it better."
...she laughed in my face.

Now, I don't know what your situation is, but I think I understand how you feel... *hugs*
What you think and feel, it does matter. It always matters, despite what anyone else may say. It matters to you, if not to anyone else. And it's always important.
UntamedUnwanted Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Your story is beautiful and so sad. I cried towards the end of it. Thank you for sharing something so special and personal with me. :hug:
jnk1296 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Aw....... that is so sad
UntamedUnwanted Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
SilverMoonRising Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
My heart would be withered by then.
UntamedUnwanted Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Mine too. :(
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